Dosage For Chia Seeds

The dosage for chia seeds is basically up to the individual and what their goals are and what their current state of health is.

The dosage of salba seeds for a person with low blood pressure would have to be approved by a Doctor and informing them that they wish to try chia seeds. This is because salba seeds and chia seeds can lower blood pressure even further over a period of time if taken regular. You should only take this if you have low blood pressure after you consult your Doctor as blood pressure can drop too low which is a very dangerous condition. If they are given permission to start taking chia seeds the dosage taken should be about 1 tea spoon full and slowly increased over a longer period of time, but only after conferring with their Doctor.

Dosage for chia seeds of people with high blood pressure

These are another group of people who should seek medical advice before commencing any dosage of chia seeds in their diet, even a small reduction in blood pressure can make a big difference to your health and well being. In a study carried out recently the results showed that if you lower your Diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) by just 6mm/Hg it can reduce deaths from Heart Attacks by 14% and strokes by a massive 42%!!! For some people a little more exercise and a lower their salt intake, combined RAD 140 before and after with a high fibre diet (CHIA SEEDS) will do the business. It would be best to start after speaking with an expert on 1 teaspoon full a day and slowly build it up over several months with close consultation with your Doctor to 1 table spoon full per day. Then increase it again if this is improving your blood pressure up to a max of 2 table spoon full’s a day (only with permission of your GP)

Dosage for chia seeds of endurance athletes is a different story.

I take two tablespoon full’s at breakfast time in a pint of fresh orange which I make the evening before. This is my breakfast and I do not eat again until mid afternoon approx 2.00 pm. I drink this chia gel and 1 hour later I go for a 50 minute run, I run at a steady pace but only about 6 and a half miles which is by no means an endurance run, but I feel very good taking this superfood and I have done for several months now and lost 2 stone in the last 8 weeks without any real trouble or lack of energy ( in fact I wish I had heard about it earlier from my sister in Australia who put me and my family on to it. The dosage for chia seeds of endurance runners can be increased to 4 to 6 table spoon full’s per day, the Tarahumara barefoot running tribe of Northern Mexico who are legendary in extreme endurance running. They frequently run over a hundred miles without stopping, running all day long. Chia seeds /Salba seeds are their chosen super fuel and they have them in different foods and as chia gel in their water or freisha. The Aztecs used these super seeds to go on expeditions and a warrior could live off only a small spoonful per day. They would also carry a small pouch of chia seeds with them to keep them nourished, taken with a drink of water to hydrate the seeds, The Aztecs called chia